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Dr John Nietfeld | jlnietfe@ncsu.edu

Welcome to our game-based learning environment!

Missions with Monty is our take on science game-based learning for 5th grade students! We think that by incorporating science texts into a game setting kids will become more and involved and want to learn! We also based our program off of the concept of metacognition - or helping students reflect on, monitor, and regulate their own learning.


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The purpose of this project is to develop a game-based computer program entitled Missions with Monty for 5th graders that scaffolds comprehension-monitoring skills while reading informational science texts. ​The game is being designed as a fun, interactive way to learn science, as well as learning how to learn about science. Along with help from the teacher, and from Monty and his friends, students will learn strategies for reading science texts. They can participate even without prior knowledge of computer games. The curriculum is aligned with local and national standards for 5th graders.


The ability to comprehend and subsequently apply information gained from informational text is a timely challenge for teachers and students. Upper elementary school is a critical point for developing comprehension skills and the metacognitive abilities that facilitate the appropriate application of such skills. The development of a program with a repository of passages that aligns with science curriculum, customizes metacognitive strategy use, and provides individual feedback could significantly enhance science literacy.

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