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Dr John Nietfeld | jlnietfe@ncsu.edu

  • Is this different than Jumpstart or Leappad?

    • Yes, this will be science based and have an emphasis on understanding science based readings; which is something many kids struggle with, and is not currently represented on the market. 

  • Will this be exciting and beneficial for all of the kids in the classroom?

    • Yes! We aim to make the game as inclusive as possible, so that every child can succeed, with or without outside assistance.

  • How can I successfully integrate this into my classroom?

    • Our system is based on the current 5th grade science curriculum so it is easily integratable into the current material as a supplementary resource. 

  • How does Metacog work exactly?

    • Metacognition focuses on the way students learn, emphasizing their own strengths and weaknesses and being able to successfully identify their skills in order to accomplish a task. 

  • I believe that videogames are harmful to young kids.

    • Video games, especially those that are specifically for learning scenarios have been seen to be incredibly helpful to a variety of students. Check out the about game based learning page at the top for more info.

  • What kind of information will this cover?

    • Forces and motion, matter, energy, earth systems, structures and processes, structures and function of living organisms, ecosystems, evolution and genetics

  • ​Will there be opportunities for new or different content?

    • Yes! Please vote below or comment in the forum below for what would you like to see in the game.

  • What if some students do not have much technology knowledge?

    • The game will have hints, as well as an initial tutorial that will assist the children in learning to use the system, regardless of prior technical knowledge.

  • Won’t this game be more appealing to boys than girls?

    • This research team has completed a similar project in the past, Crystal island. This had a different purpose, but it was clear through this separate game based learning exercise there was no difference between girls and boys.

  • Don't see your question?

    • Check our Forum for questions we have answered for others, or ask a new one!

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