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Dr John Nietfeld | jlnietfe@ncsu.edu

Game based learning has been on the rise all over the developed world and it continues to be a great way for children to learn while having fun. 

Playing games has been known to increase memory capacity, improve critical thinking, and reinforce problem solving skills. Game based learning environments are especially helpful for children with attention disorders; by creating a stimulating learning opportunity, children with attention disorders are more likely to stay focused. Game based learning also improves socialization for kids that are shy. Shy students can have problems speaking in front of large classes, but through game based learning, kids can interact with each other through the computer, allowing them to participate more with their classmates in a less daunting environment. Finally, game based learning is the learning of the future. As our society becomes more technology based, having some technology in students lives will be greatly beneficial to their future and ours. 

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